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My passion in teaching aerobatics and tailwheel has always been to help others build "confidence and competence"in their flying, hence the name "CNC Aerobatics." You build your competence in handling the aircraft throughout the flight envelope and your confidence naturally follows. CNC also infers precision, which is what aerobatics is all about. Making the airplane do exactly what you want it do through judicious, but smooth and precise use of power and flight controls. You balance airspeed with control deflection, you balance energy and altitude... it all works together and opens your mind to the bigger picture of what's happening. There's nothing like it! And I'd love to help you get there too.


Starting my flying career at a "high expectations" college was a fantastic  blessing. In addition to Commercial multi, CFI, and CFII ratings, all students were required to get 5 hours of aerobatic/upset training to graduate. I was so excited to get to fly aerobatics. My first experience floored me, literally. I loved it, but afterward, was beat! The new sensations, accelerations, views, and mental freedom of truly experiencing the three dimensions... it was all new and I went home, laid on the floor for a while until I had the energy to get back up. Thankfully, it was all great from there because I ended up taking over as the only instructor at the flight school to train all students and that sometimes meant 6-8 hours per day of aerobatics lessons. 


My first ride in a Pitts Special absolutely ruined me. It was only 0.5 hours in a friend's S-2C. The second wing, the tiny wingspan, 4 ailerons, the shake of the huge engine as it cranked, bubble canopy visibility, and of course the blinding roll rate. 


What. A. Machine.

I got back in the school's Super Decathlon for a lesson right after and demonstrated a roll and actually thought something was wrong because it was rolling so slow. Nope, my brain had just adjusted to the Pitts and this was no Pitts! I had to have one. Now that it's here, I hope you can have that same experience!

Pitts S-2A from rear
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