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But will I get sick?

Getting sick, or even the idea of it is no fun. That goes against one of our primary company values! We'll do everything we can to ensure you have a great time, safely, and as comfortable as possible. Something to remember is that you're  not just along for a wild ride... need a break? No sweat, we level out, blast some cool refreshing air, and enjoy the scenery for a bit. It's fully up to your comfort level when we move on!


Do I really need to wear a parachute?

Yes, and that's a good thing! You'll be fitted for a top quality emergency parachute and shown how and when to use it, but no worries. We're not a skydiving joint... we like flying airplanes so this would be for emergency use only.


But does it have smoke?

Why yes... yes it does. Unfortunately aircraft limitations don't permit dual acro with smoke oil in the tank. Wah wah wah.


Do you do airshows?

No, my passion is seeing others taste and master three dimensional thinking. I have flown with, refueled, and hung out with airshow pilots over the last 20 years and have huge respect for them (especially Mike Goulian, Sean Tucker, and Skip Stewart).


Should I avoid eating or drinking anything before my flight?

In my experience, eating and drinking normally before your flight is best to settle your stomach. Avoid heavy/greasy foods and excessive caffeine and you'll do fine. Most cases of airsickness are actually brought on by nerves more than anything so expect to have a great time and generally, you will!


Can we fly over my house?

Sure thing! There are minimum altitudes to abide by and the Pitts doesn't have the longest range out there but it can get around and do one of the best wing rocks out there!


What's the roll rate?

Our S-2A is pretty special among all the S-2As. It was one of the last ones built so it has symmetrical ailerons, spades, and is fully gap sealed. This means it has the lightest control pressures and fastest roll rate of any certified S-2As at around 270°/sec. Snap rolls are even faster! For reference, a Super Decathlon or P-51 Mustang are both around 90°/sec.

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