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CNC Aerobatics offers training for all levels of pilots including basic through advanced aerobatic training,

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, spin specialist courses, and Pitts Transitions.

We also offer aerobatic experiences for the "not yet" pilots which make a great gift!


$1,199 includes parachute use

3 Hours Flight & Ground

Aerobatics for the gentleman.

Do you want to know you can safely perform a roll in your Citabria, RV, or other aerobatic airplane? Want to know you can recover if it doesn't quite go right? This course introduces the basics: rolls, loops, inverted flight, spins, and recoveries from botched maneuvers. 


$799 includes parachute use

2 Hours Flight & Ground

Complies with §61.183(i) requirements but is so much more. Truly understand spin aerodynamics through real life scenarios, practiced in the safety of an aerobatic aircraft at altitude. This knowledge and skillset is crucial to instructing student pilots (and long-time pilots). You can "check the box" or you can invest in yourself and your clients. Chose your training source wisely!


$299 incl. parachute and headset use

30 Mins Flight & Ground

Need a unique thrill experience in your life? Grab a front row seat for an extreme roll "air" coaster ride. Ride through an air show style aerobatic sequence and even try your hand at the maneuvers under our careful watch. Includes a certificate that will count toward your flight training if you ever decide to move forward to becoming a pilot!

A gift they'll never forget!


$1,999 includes parachute use

5 Hours Flight & Ground

If you want to kick it up a notch and perfect the vertical maneuvers and recoveries, get Advanced! This course introduces the Hammerhead, Push and Pull Humpties, Vertical Rolls, Slow Rolls, perfects variations of Cuban 8s, and extends your inverted envelope.


$1,999 includes parachute use

5 Hours Flight & Ground

The wide world of spins is opened up to you. Upright, inverted, accelerated, and flat. Crossover/transition spins are also practiced along with proper identification techniques and recovery procedures. You'll learn and practice the methods of spin modification and intimidation will cease as you master this wonderful maneuver in this course.


$299 incl. parachute and headset use

30 Mins Flight & Ground

We take our Adrenaline Junkie level and tone it down a notch or two. You get to fly an iconic biplane and see as much or as little as you want. A graceful way to experience the freedom of flight with a front row view! Fully customizable because we go at your pace.​ From mild to "Whoa, what was that called!?" and anything between.


$2,499 includes parachute use

5 Hours Flight & Ground and GRR repositioning

Your aircraft are expensive but your passengers and crew are priceless. Invest in training to bring them back safely should the unthinkable happen. Environmental, automation mismanagement, or poor planning... whatever the reason for the upset, your department will know how much you value them because you invested in training that's not only invaluable, but inspiring, engaging, and, dare we say... fun?

Confidence through competence. It's what we do. It's who we are.

Conducted out of GRR to make logistics of training super simple!


Starting at $2,799

Starting at 7 Hours

Are you buying a Pitts? With our longer gear S-2A, the attitude is the same as the S-2B or C and the front seat replicates that of the S-1C, S, or T. If you have no tailwheel time, we suggest finding a reputable instrutor/FBO with a Citabria or Decathlon first because that would be cheaper and a less steep learning curve. We're happy to provide a flight school recommendation for Decathlon time if you need. If you really want to start tailwheel in the Pitts, we can help with that


Starting at 5 Hours at $400/hr includes parachute use and brief/debrief time for each lesson. Programs under 5 hours are 
available at $425/hr.

Do you have an aerobatics background and want to pick up where you left off? Want to explore new maneuvers that your previous mount couldn't? Maybe you simply want a little of "this" but a lot of "that." No worries because we can craft a program to accomplish your goals efficiently!


Each of our courses require a deposit of $500 to hold your reservation. If you cancel within 7 days or less your deposit is non refundable but if you reschedule we will apply it to your future reservation. If we cancel due to weather, we will refund your balance and we will make every effort to reschedule for a future date. We will confirm your lessons at least a week in advance.


We accept checks, cash, ACH/wire, and all credit cards. However, we must charge an additional 3% for credit card transactions due to the high cost of fees we incur. We hope you understand.

CNC Aerobatics LLC is located at the Lowell City Airport (24C), Lowell, Michigan. Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) is offered in the Grand Rapids Metro area (within 50 nm of the GRR airport) and can be conducted anywhere in the Midwest for travel expenses.

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