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1981 Pitts S-2A

Those in the Pitts world will generally say "The S-2A is the best flying of the two seaters." The larger engines of the B and C make them better for vertical penetration but they're much heavier feeling. The A model is nimble and light. Of the approximately 272 made (and ~85 remaining in the US), N51ST is one of the very last, being built just 6 months before the 11 year production run ended. This means it left the factory with all the improvements made over the years including symmetrical ailerons, longer main gear, wider front cockpit, cabane canoe, and more. N51ST is even fully gap sealed with extruded rubber seals giving it the highest roll rate of any certified S-2A around!


Engine and Prop

Lycoming AEIO-360-A1E

200 hp @ 2700 rpm

Hartzell metal constant-speed


Empty Weight: 1073 lbs including radio, transponder, smoke system

Max Weight (Normal): 1575 lbs

Max Weight (Acro): 1500 lbs

20' Wingspan, 17'9" Length


Cruise: 140 mph indicated

Climb Rate: ~1000-1800 fpm

Max Time Inverted: unlimited

Grand Haven lighthouse.JPG
Pitts sunrise.JPG

The Pitts Story

From the first flight in 1944 to the domination of aerobatic competition through the 60s and 70s, the Pitts has always been "special." Starting as a single seat, super lightweight and tiny acro bird with only 55 hp, the engines kept getting bigger and the design more refined. Single seat airplanes can be intimidating and aerobatics demands proper instruction before performing solo, so Curtis Pitts developed a 2 seater to enable instruction and open up a safer world of advanced aerobatics. This original S-2 had a 180hp Lycoming and fixed pitch prop and weighed under 900 lbs empty! The certified version that came from it was named the S-2A and got a 200 hp Lycoming, constant speed prop, and weighed just over 1000 lbs and was capable of introducing the next generation of acronuts to unlimited maneuvers. Eventually, to compete with the new age of monoplanes, Pitts replaced the 4-cyl with a 260 hp six cylinder which became the S-2B. The newest version was cleaned up aerodynamically, got a new Hartzell Claw prop and is called the S-2C and is still made new today in Afton, WY. There are many variants out there but the S-2A is one of the sweetest flying!

Pitts Special S-2A three angle view
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